LittleFox features the original songs of singer/multi-instrumentalist Alison Jenkins. Her first EP, Desire Lines, was released in Spring 2022, and her second EP, Ghost In This House, produced and recorded by World Peach Records, was released in May 2023. With vocals that can leap from high and ethereal to a whiskey-soaked gutpunch- often in a single song- LittleFox explores genres from folk/pop to bluegrass to blues. Guided by the textures of violin, pedal steel,  accordion, ukulele, and banjo, and locked in by a rock-solid rhythm section, Jenkins' thoughtful original songs are about love, longing, belonging, missing and murdered women, urban history, and finding your way in strange times. 
Alison has played and sung with many groups, including Something about Reptiles,  Flying Folk Army, Zeellia, and Lone Crow Jubilee. She is also a professional sound designer, composer, actor, and music director for live theatre, performing in shows as varied as Once (Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver),  Bad Hat Theatre's Peter Pan (Carousel Theatre, Vancouver), and Fiddler on the Roof (Persephone Theatre, Saskatchewan).
LittleFox was born during the pandemic of 2020 when Jenkins  focused first on songwriting, then began turning her songs and demo recordings into EPs and a live band. A singer and multi-instrumentalist, she plays clawhammer banjo, accordion and ukulele live, and also plays bass and percussion on recordings. LittleFox performs live in several configurations, from solo to trio to a five-piece. 
The current band lineup consists of: Alison Jenkins (lead vocals, ukulele, banjo, accordion), Allan Haley (pedal steel, mandolin), Masae Day (violin, vocals), Alex Marr (drums), and David Marr (electric bass, vocals). 

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